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GG&G Tan Claymore Mine Trailer Hitch Cover

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For the Customers that have asked us for a Desert Tan Claymore Mine Trailer Hitch Cover with the tan color molded in-here you go! We are also offering an option to have the letters painted black to stand out a bit more. The Tan Claymore is a departure from our standard OD Green version and really stands out on darker vehicles.

Our Replica Tan Claymore Mine Hitch Cover created to be the same size as the original. The Claymore body measures 5 1/4 inches tall by 8 inches wide by 1/1/4 inches thick and is manufactured from solid polypropylene with UV additives for durability and color fastness. It fits 2" standard receivers. The detonation connectors and internal space are solid so there is no chance that it can be confused as a real Claymore Mine. We do however strongly advise you to install a hitch pin lock or it may just disappear.

If a Tan Claymore Mine trailer hitch cover is not your bag, check out the Tan Claymore Desk Accessory. It's perfect for the desk, mantle or conference room table. It looks identical to the Claymore Hitch Cover but has an easel type support.

ATTENTION-PLEASE READ CAREFULLY PRIOR TO ORDERING: State, county and municipal laws pertaining to items such as the Claymore Hitch Cover are varied. This product is prohibited in certain states. The purchaser and end user are responsible for knowing exactly what the local laws are concerning purchasing or displaying this product and for abiding by those laws. It is your responsibility before purchasing this product to know the local laws.

Therefore GG&G Inc. does not warrant that a person may legally purchase, and or display the Claymore Hitch Cover in their area. A person placing an order or using this product warrants that he or she is an adult and is under no legal restrictions which would prohibit such person from ordering, owning, displaying, possessing or transferring this product under applicable federal, state, or local law.

The purchaser and end user declare that they are at least 18 years of age, that they are familiar with the laws and regulations in their jurisdiction, if any, governing the purchase and use of this replica Claymore, and that the purchaser and end user does not know of any local or State laws or regulations that prohibit them from purchasing or owning a replica Claymore. Each GG&G Claymore Hitch Cover has a red panel attached to both side edges with the word "REPLICA" engraved in the panel. The purchaser and end user understand that removal or alteration of this identification may be a violation of Federal, state or local law and will void any and all product warranties. If by chance the red panel inadvertently falls off, GG&G will reinstall the red panel or replace the hitch cover per the terms of the standard GG&G warranty.

The purchaser and the end user understand that the use of any look-alike or replica explosive in commission of a crime may carry the same legal ramifications as if real explosives had been so used.

By purchasing this item from GG&G through the on line shopping cart or in any other manner, the purchaser and end user warrant to have read and understands all warnings, disclaimers, and warranties related to this product. The purchaser and end user acknowledges that he is responsible for using the GG&G Claymore Hitch Cover safely and legally and hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless GG&G Inc., its share holders, owners, employees, agents and affiliates for any and all legal action arising from purchase, use or ownership of the GG&G Claymore Hitch Cover, including, but not limited to any lawsuit or claim by the Purchaser or a third party for bodily injury, death or illegal activity.

By purchasing from this website, I, the Purchaser, indicate that I have read and understood the above liability waiver and that I agree to be bound by its terms.

We offer a wide variety of gear from GG&G including the GG&G Tan Claymore Mine Trailer Hitch Cover. In addition to GG&G gear, we offer products from Tru-Spec, Rothco, Condor, Tasmanian Tiger, Snugpak and dozens more. Make sure you remind Santa to put some camoflauge pants under the Christmas tree. In addition to our camo pants we offer tactical pants, BDUs and other pant styles.


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Thane Belnap
Great quality

A little more expensive than other versions but the plastic is thicker and the insert is aluminum instead of plastic like some of the cheaper options. I really like the additional holes in the insert giving you 2 mounting positions. Would buy again.



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