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Gould & Goodrich B55 Buckleless Pants Belt

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The Gould & Goodrich B55 Buckleless Pants Belt is a reliable and indispensable accessory specifically designed for law enforcement professionals. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this belt ensures a secure and comfortable fit while offering quick and easy access to essential equipment.

Featuring a buckleless design, the B55 Belt eliminates the need for traditional belt buckles, reducing the risk of potential snag hazards during critical situations. This unique feature allows officers to move swiftly and seamlessly without any obstructions, maintaining optimal mobility and agility.

Constructed from durable and high-quality materials, this belt is built to withstand the demands of law enforcement duty. Its sturdy nylon webbing provides excellent strength and resilience, ensuring that it can withstand rigorous activities and daily wear and tear.

The B55 Belt offers a secure closure system that utilizes a reliable hook-and-loop fastener. This ensures a firm grip, preventing the belt from loosening or shifting during strenuous physical activities or unexpected confrontations. This dependable closure system provides peace of mind to law enforcement officers, allowing them to focus on their duties without worrying about the stability of their belt.

Furthermore, the B55 Belt is designed to accommodate various law enforcement accessories, including holsters, magazine pouches, baton holders, and more. Its versatile design allows officers to conveniently attach and detach their equipment as needed, enhancing their operational efficiency and ensuring quick access to their tools when time is of the essence.

In summary, the Gould & Goodrich B55 Buckleless Pants Belt is an essential piece of equipment for law enforcement professionals. Its buckleless design, durable construction, secure closure system, and compatibility with a range of accessories make it a trusted companion in the line of duty, providing officers with the functionality and reliability they require to carry out their tasks effectively and safely.

G&G's premium vegetable tanned cowhide is an unsurpassed value. It is long lasting, durable and water repellent.

1-1/2 in. wide, no-buckle style pants (Garrison) belt. Fully lined in the loop side of hook and loop. Loop mates with B56 Sam Browne Duty Belt. Tanned to conform to body.

  • Made in the USA!

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