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Gould & Goodrich X188 Hobble Strap

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Attention all units! I'd like to highlight an essential piece of equipment that aids in safely transporting subjects in a seated, upright position while mitigating the risk of subjects kicking doors or windows. This is the Gould & Goodrich X188 Hobble Strap.

The X188 Hobble Strap is constructed with heavy-duty 1" nylon webbing, ensuring durability and reliability in the field. On one end, it features a sturdy snap hook, allowing for quick and secure attachment. On the other end, there is a permanently attached self-locking alligator clip, which provides a secure connection to the subject's restraints.

The primary purpose of the X188 Hobble Strap is to assist law enforcement personnel in maintaining control over resistant subjects during transportation. By utilizing this strap, officers can effectively restrain a subject's lower extremities, preventing them from kicking doors or windows and potentially causing damage or escape opportunities.

It's worth noting that the X188 Hobble Strap is proudly made in the USA, meeting the highest standards of quality and reliability. Law enforcement agencies can rely on this piece of equipment to withstand the demanding nature of their work, ensuring officer and public safety.

Officers, remember to utilize the Gould & Goodrich X188 Hobble Strap when necessary to maintain control over subjects during transport. Stay vigilant, stay safe, and uphold the highest standards of professionalism.

Heavy duty 1" nylon web with snap hook on one end and a permanently attached self-locking alligator clip on other end.

Allows for transporting subjects in a seated, upright position, while helping to prevent subject from kicking doors or windows.

  • Made in the USA!

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Gary Schell
Good things are worth waiting for!

I ordered 7 GOULD & GOODRICH X188 HOBBLE STRAPS and I did not look close enough because they were out of stock, which was my fault. So the delivery time was well out of the promised time frame. Although the product was a name brand, great quality, and was less than half the price of what I was able to price elsewhere. I guess the phrase, "Good things are worth waiting for" definitely applies!

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