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Haven Gear Arsenal Riot Suit

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Haven Gear's patent-pending design provides maximum agility along with full body coverage while maximizing comfort. It is cut specifically to allow you to wear your duty belt and is so comfortable you can wear this suit and sit in your chair/squad car or also run at full speed if needed.

The Arsenal Suit comes with an added groin cup protector and comes in sizes M-2X with a tall option. This suit is made of high-density, wear-resistant nylon. It contains foam padding with a proprietary cloth lining, an FR-rated outer nylon protective layer with hard shells for blunt object protection. It also integrates with the Haven Gear cooling and hydration systems (optional) to allow for extended outdoor use.

Four-sided identification panel to meet police requirements, as well as placeholders for communication radios comes standard. Haven Gear is the next generation of Riot Gear for the ultimate protection, comfort, and practicality in riot gear.

Arsenal Suit which includes, protectors for chest, back, shoulders, arms, hips, groin (with an added groin cup), quadriceps, and shins.

The Haven Gear Arsenal Riot Suit is one of the many Haven Gear items we offer here in Raleigh, North Carolina. Are you ready for the summer heat? We've got you covered with a full selection of shorts, camping gear, camping blankets, tactical t-shirts and backpacks

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