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Hero's Pride AirTek 1.75'' Garrison Belt Stitched

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The Hero's Pride AirTek 1.75'' Garrison Belt Stitched is an exemplary accessory that embodies the essence of reliability and professionalism, specifically tailored for the law enforcement community. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this exceptional belt is designed to withstand the demanding rigors of the law enforcement profession.

The AirTek Garrison Belt is a symbol of pride and honor, providing law enforcement officers with a reliable and secure solution for their duty gear. Its impressive width of 1.75 inches offers ample surface area to distribute weight evenly, ensuring optimal comfort during long hours of duty.

Durability is a hallmark of this remarkable belt. Constructed with reinforced stitching, it showcases exceptional strength and resistance, making it a dependable companion in high-pressure situations. The meticulous stitching ensures that the belt remains intact even in the face of intense physical activities and frequent use.

The Hero's Pride AirTek Garrison Belt is designed to offer maximum security and convenience. It features a robust buckle that firmly secures the belt, providing officers with peace of mind during their daily operations. The buckle's intuitive design allows for quick and effortless adjustments, enabling swift response times when the situation demands it.

Moreover, the belt is engineered to maintain a professional appearance at all times. Its sleek and streamlined design exudes an aura of authority, commanding respect from both colleagues and members of the community. The belt's timeless aesthetic is complemented by its high-quality materials, ensuring that it withstands the test of time and maintains its pristine appearance throughout an officer's career.

Whether on patrol, during investigations, or in critical incidents, the Hero's Pride AirTek 1.75'' Garrison Belt Stitched stands as a steadfast ally to law enforcement officers. It embodies the essence of pride, professionalism, and dependability, making it an indispensable part of an officer's uniform.

AirTek Deluxe Garrison Duty Belt is crafted with our specialized 33E HP finish and 100% genuine leather to provide lightweight comfort, scratch resistance and durability. Inner lining for added comfort and reinforced two row stitching to ensure long lasting performance and appearance. Single-tongue buckle securely hitches to the center belt stud and free-sliding keeper neatly keeps belt tip in place for professional appearance.  

  • Alternative finish on front part of belt keeps it scratch resistance and lightweight
  • Inner belt design of 100% genuine leather ensures long lasting durability
  • Easy maintenance – mild soap and water
  • Tested and certified as scratch resistance (4/5 grade in abrasion test)
  • Chrome single tongued belt buckle
  • Free-sliding belt keeper
  • Water resistant
  • Color: Black
  • Belt Width: 1.75”W

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