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Hero's Pride AirTek Single Snap Handcuff Strap

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The Hero’s Pride 1415WB AirTek Handcuff Strap secures one pair of handcuffs to a duty belt in a flat slim profile position. Slide on attachment versus Snap-On decreases bulkiness and narrow width makes room for other duty gear equipment. High quality DOT directional snap design prevents accidental opening while offering quick one-handed access. Designed to accommodate standard, hinged and ASP handcuffs, including oversized.

  • Flat slim profile positioning allows room for other duty belt equipment
  • 1 Snap design reduces bulkiness
  • Narrow width takes less room on duty belt
  • Lightweight construction ensures secure placement and maintains duty belt weight comfort
  • DOT snap design offers quick in/out and one-handed accessibility
  • Securely holds handcuffs of choice  (standard, hinged or ASP, including oversized)
  • Design is great for smaller waists that still need to accommodate bulky duty gear 
  • Available in Smooth or Basket Weave finish
  • Easily cleaned with mild soap and water
  • Color: Black
  • DOT directional locking snap closure
  • Reinforced snaps for secure snap/re-snap
  • 100% genuine leather and advanced technology materials
  • Wear-resisting polyurethane
  • Thread: 100% polyester 210D, 9 and 12 degree
    of thickness
  • Snap: 100% Copper, 15mm
  • Scratch Resistant: Grade 4/5 Abrasion Test ASTM D7255

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