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Hero's Pride Standard Key Holder with Metal Clip

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In the depths of darkness, where shadows cloak the night, behold the Hero's Pride Standard Key Holder with Metal Clip. Crafted from the very fabric of fortitude, its 900 denier ballistic fiber web ensures both lightweight comfort and unyielding durability. No challenge shall deter its mission to safeguard your keys.

With a flick of your wrist, the metal clip clasps firmly onto the key ring, sealing a bond that withstands the test of time. Snap-release strap stands ever vigilant, allowing for swift and silent removal of the keys, should the need arise.

A stalwart companion on your watch, this holder serves a dual purpose, doubling as a belt keeper to keep your keys within arm's reach. Fear not, for its USA DOT® snaps guarantee unwavering reliability, assuring that your keys shall remain steadfastly at your side.

Emblazoned in the darkest hue, this key holder conceals itself in the shadows, clad in a cloak of black. A black metal key ring stands ready, eager to carry the weight of responsibility.

Fits Belts: 2.25”W, ensuring a snug fit to accompany you on your nightly patrols. And its snap color, as black as the night itself, remains inconspicuous in the shroud of darkness.

When the morning sun finally breaks, and the watch has passed, fear not the grime and dirt collected in the night's endeavors. For this key holder is easily cleansed with mild soap and water, ever ready to embark on the next nocturnal quest.

So, embrace the Hero's Pride Standard Key Holder with Metal Clip, your trusted ally through the darkest hours, as you uphold the mantle of the night watchman.

  • Metal clip
  • 900 denier ballistic  material for lightweight comfort
  • Easy one-handed access
  • Dual usage as a belt keeper
  • USA DOT® snaps for reliable performance
  • Metal clip
  • Black metal key ring  included
  • Fits Belts: 2.25”W
  • Color: Black
  • Snap Color: Black
  • Easily cleaned with mild soap and water

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