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The HWI Hard Knuckle Tactical Glove is designed to provide excellent flexibility, tactile sensitivity, and protection. It is specifically crafted for intense tactical operations where durability and performance are crucial. The glove incorporates several features to ensure optimal functionality and user comfort.

One notable feature is the impact-resistant knuckle piece, which is injection molded to provide robust protection against impacts and potential injuries. This knuckle piece is designed to withstand high levels of force, enhancing the glove's overall durability.

The back of the hand is made from 9oz Kevlar®, a material known for its exceptional fire resistance and cut resistance. This Kevlar® layer adds an extra layer of protection against heat and sharp objects, safeguarding the wearer's hands in hazardous environments.

The palm of the glove is reinforced with digital leather, which enhances grip and durability, particularly in high-wear areas. This reinforcement ensures that the glove maintains its performance even during prolonged and demanding use.

To enhance the glove's ergonomic design, an .8mm high-grade aniline goatskin is used, offering a balance of flexibility and durability. This type of leather is known for its softness, comfort, and resistance to wear and tear.

The HWI Hard Knuckle Tactical Glove also features an ergonomic "contour cut" design, which ensures a snug fit and optimal dexterity. This design allows for natural hand movement, giving the user a better feel and control while performing tasks.

The glove incorporates a wrapped trigger finger design, which provides added protection and flexibility when operating firearms or other equipment. This feature enables smooth trigger manipulation without compromising the safety and comfort of the user.

For a secure and adjustable fit, the glove utilizes a hook and loop closure system. This closure allows users to customize the fit according to their preferences and ensures that the glove remains securely in place during rigorous activities.

In summary, the HWI Hard Knuckle Tactical Glove is a performance-oriented glove that combines flexibility, tactile sensitivity, and protection. With features such as an impact-resistant knuckle piece, Kevlar® fire and cut resistance, leather palm reinforcement, and ergonomic design, this glove is well-suited for intense tactical operations where durability and functionality are paramount.

  • 9oz Kevlar® Fire resistance and cut resistance on back of hand 
  • .8mm high-grade aniline goatskin
  • Injection molded hard knuckle piece
  • Ergonomic “contour cut” design
  • Wrapped trigger finger design
  • Leather palm reinforcement
  • Hook and loop closure for secure fit

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