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Lil Bugz Edible Scorpions, Superworms and Crickets

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People all over the world eat bugs yet many people here are downright afraid to try them. LIL BUGZ are here to help people overcome their unwarranted cultural fear.

People have been eating bugs since forever because they are packed with very bio-available protein including essential amino acids. They’re a good source of iron, calcium, zinc, B12 and Omega 3 along with being a pre-biotic fiber (nutrition for probiotics).

Today, many brave and adventurous people are discovering that edible insects are a healthy, sustainable and humane food source that tastes good.  This is great for dares, parties, gifts and more.

  • Manchurian Scorpion - Mesobuthus martensii is a species of scorpion in the family Buthidae. Its common names include Chinese scorpion, Manchurian scorpion, Chinese armor-tail scorpion and Chinese golden scorpion. Despite its common name, this scorpion is not only found in Manchuria or China, but also in Mongolia and Japan.
  • Roasted Superworm - Zophobas morio is a species of darkling beetle, whose larvae are known by the common name Superworms, King Worms, Morio Worms or simply Zophobas. Superworms are common in the reptile pet industry as food, not to be confused with giant mealworms, which are Tenebrio molitor larvae sprayed with juvenile hormone.
  • Cricket - Crickets are Orthopteran insects which are related to bush crickets, and, more distantly, to grasshoppers. In older literature, such as Imms, "crickets" were placed at the family level (i.e. Gryllidae), but contemporary authorities including Otte now place them in the superfamily Grylloidea. The word has been used in combination to describe more distantly related taxa in the suborder Ensifera, such as king crickets and mole crickets.
  • Gourmet Black Ants - The black garden ant, also known as the common black ant, is a formicine ant, the type species of the subgenus Lasius, which is found across Europe and in some parts of North America, South America, Asia and Australasia.

How will you use these edible bugs?  Cricket cookies, roasted superworms with crackers and cheese or maybe for the refined a spicy scorpion taco? The possibilities are endless.



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Customer Reviews

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Lewis E.
Lots of fun but be careful.

Disappointed in the scorpion: for 3.99 you get ONE tiny scorpion. I think that’s a bit of a rip off
Would have expected at least three. The cost per pound is astronomical.

Good sample size and flavor

Packages look small but are good sizes for sampling bugs if you don't know that you'll like them.

I ground them up and ate them plain: the scorpion was spicy, the worms tasted like a tree nut and the cricket tasted the same except they were a bit sweeter than the worms. Not bad in taste at all. Next time I'll mix them into another dish.

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