Maxpedition BAMF Morale Patch

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If you have a military background you probably already know what a morale patch is. Like in the name, the morale patch was meant as a way to boost troop morale. The Maxpedition BAMF Morale Patch is one of many morale patches offered by Maxpedition. Although Maxpedition morale patches aren’t authorized to be worn on an official military uniform, the Maxpedition BAMF Morale Patch is perfect for baseball caps, jackets, bags and backpacks and more. The Maxpedition BAMF Morale Patch will attach to anything with a Velcro or hook and loop surface. Maxpedition offers their patches as a modern day tribute to what started back in World War I. The Maxpedition BAMF Morale Patch is not just for the military. As with all Maxpedition morale patches, they are now popular with anyone wanting to express a thought, message, feeling, idea or just make someone smile.

Maxpedition brings you a new collection of morale patches you'll never see anywhere else, featuring original artwork and unique designs for the true individual. Built to personalize, these patches have a hook back to attach to the loop lining of your Maxpedition bag, and can be stitched on to your gear without having to tear or damage their backing. Add flair and say it loud with Maxpedition morale patches.

BAMF means "Bad Ass Mother F***er" So now you know - BAMF means "Bad Ass Mother F***er" - don't thank us. What does BAMF mean? BAMF is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the BAMF definition is given.

  • Made from PVC rubber
  • Includes additional loop field lined sheet for sewing onto clothes or protecting hook back when not in use
  • 2.25"(L) x 1"(H)

Visit our Raleigh, North Carolina location for a wide variety of products such as the Maxpedition BAMF Morale Patch. The Maxpedition BAMF Morale Patch is just one of the many Maxpedition items we offer. In addition to a wide variety of camping gear, duty gear and tactical vests, we offer an amazing selection of back to school backpacks, pants, shorts and jackets .

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