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NIK 60-Pac

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The NIK 60-Pac is a presumptive drug identification kit that includes 60 individual tests for the identification of various drugs. This kit is an upgraded version of the NIK 50-Pac and offers additional features for more comprehensive drug screening.

Similar to the NIK 50-Pac, the NIK 60-Pac can presumptively identify a wide range of drugs. However, it distinguishes itself by containing the highly selective Test G, which is specifically designed for the presumptive identification of Cocaine. This makes it more effective and accurate in detecting cocaine in samples.

The kit provides two levels of screening for many substances, ensuring a higher level of certainty in the test results. This is particularly useful in situations where a more thorough analysis is required to confirm the presence of certain drugs.

Recommended uses for the NIK 60-Pac are the same as those for the NIK 50-Pac, implying that it is suitable for various law enforcement, forensic, and security applications. The kit is likely designed for use by law enforcement agencies, customs officials, and other professionals who need to identify illegal drugs in the field quickly and with reasonable accuracy.

The NIK 60-Pac comes with 60 individual presumptive tests, consisting of one box each of Tests A through E & G. Each of these tests is likely designed to identify specific groups of drugs, providing a comprehensive solution for drug screening purposes.

Overall, the NIK 60-Pac is an enhanced drug identification kit with improved capabilities, particularly regarding cocaine detection, and it can be a valuable tool in the fight against drug-related crimes and illicit drug trafficking.

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