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NIK Master-Pac

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The NIK Master-Pac is a comprehensive and versatile testing kit designed to meet the demands of various professional fields, including military, law enforcement, intelligence, customs, postal service, correctional facilities, and safety/security investigations. Its primary purpose is to provide a complete polytesting solution for these specialized industries.

The kit includes a selection of different test boxes, each labeled with a letter designation for easy identification. Specifically, it contains:

  • Two boxes of Test A: This test is used for a specific purpose, though the exact details are not provided.
  • Two boxes of Test E: Similar to Test A, this test serves a particular function not mentioned here.
  • One box each of Tests B, C, D, G, H, J, K, L, and U: The exact substances or materials each of these tests is designed to detect are not specified in the given information.
  • One box of Acid Neutralizer (Test F): Test F likely serves as a neutralizing agent to counteract the effects of certain substances or chemicals during the testing process.
  • Polytesting Report Pad: This pad is likely used for documenting and recording the results of the various tests performed with the kit.
  • Identidrug Desk Chart: This chart could be a visual reference tool that helps users quickly identify and compare drug samples based on their characteristics and reactions during testing.
  • Narcotic Field Test Training CD: The training CD likely provides comprehensive instructions on how to effectively and safely use the testing kit in the field, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

The NIK Master-Pac's wide range of testing capabilities and resources make it an ideal choice for scenarios where diverse substances may need to be identified or ruled out. This kit aims to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of investigations related to drug detection, hazardous materials screening, and other security-related purposes.

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