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NIK Master-Pac 130 Tests

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The NIK Master-Pac 130 is a comprehensive drug testing kit designed for various applications, primarily targeted at military, law enforcement, intelligence, customs, postal service, correctional facilities, safety/security investigations, and emergency medical scenarios. The kit is designed to provide complete polytesting, meaning it offers a wide range of tests to identify multiple controlled substances.

Key features of the NIK Master-Pac 130:

  1. Complete Polytesting: The kit includes a diverse range of drug tests to identify various controlled substances, making it effective in scenarios where the presence of multiple drugs is anticipated.

  2. Versatile Applications: The kit is recommended for use in military, law enforcement, intelligence, customs, postal service, correctional facilities, safety/security investigations, and emergency medical situations. It caters to a wide range of professionals who may encounter drug-related incidents.

  3. Emergency Applications: The NIK Master-Pac 130 is effective in hospital, paramedic, and other emergency settings where drug overdose or suspected drug use is a concern. It aids in quickly identifying controlled substances in time-sensitive situations.

  4. Presumptive Identification: The kit's tests are capable of providing presumptive identification of 25 different controlled substances. This allows for initial on-site screening, providing critical information to law enforcement and medical personnel.

Components of the NIK Master-Pac 130:

  1. Tests A and E: Two boxes each of these tests are included in the kit. The specific substances these tests identify are not mentioned, but they likely cover commonly encountered drugs.

  2. Tests B, C, D, G, H, J, K, L, and U: One box each of these tests is provided. Each test likely targets the identification of different controlled substances, expanding the kit's capability to detect a wide variety of drugs.

  3. Test F (Acid Neutralizer): This test helps neutralize acids that might be present during testing, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

  4. Polytesting Report Pad: This pad is used for documenting the results of the drug tests, providing a record of the substances identified during the investigation.

  5. Identidrug™ Desk Chart: This chart serves as a quick reference guide for identifying various controlled substances and their corresponding test results.

  6. Narcotic Field Test Training CD: This CD likely contains instructional materials to train users on how to effectively and correctly conduct the drug tests included in the kit.

Overall, the NIK Master-Pac 130 is a comprehensive and valuable tool for professionals who frequently encounter situations involving controlled substances. Its broad range of tests, portability, and user-friendly design make it an essential asset in various law enforcement, medical, and security applications.

  • Recommended where the need for complete polytesting is anticipated
  • Effective in hospital, paramedic and other emergency applications where drug overdose is suspected
  • Presumptively identifies 25 controlled substances
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