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Pro-Lok 11 Piece Pick Set

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Introducing the Pro-Lok 11 Piece Pick Set, the embodiment of sleek sophistication and unwavering precision. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, this exceptional toolset is designed for the elite operative who demands nothing but the finest equipment. Picture yourself in a high-stakes situation, locked away in an impregnable fortress. That's where the Pro-Lok 11 Piece Pick Set shines, allowing you to navigate even the most intricate of locks with absolute finesse.

Featuring three picks with stainless steel handles, this set exudes an air of elegance and strength. The stainless steel construction ensures a remarkable resilience against the rigors of covert operations. Each pick is a masterpiece in itself, meticulously deburred and burnished to a soft luster. The result? A rust-proof, flawless finish that glimmers with an unrivaled sheen.

Within this set, you will find three standard picks, the backbone of any lock picker's arsenal. These trusty companions will deftly maneuver through a myriad of tumblers, effortlessly coaxing them into submission. But the Pro-Lok 11 Piece Pick Set doesn't stop there. It boasts a double-ended slim line pick, a veritable gem of versatility. With its slender form and dexterity, it slinks into the tightest of keyways, granting you access to the most impenetrable domains.

For those unforeseen circumstances where a key has met an untimely demise, fear not. The Pro-Lok 11 Piece Pick Set is equipped with a broken key extractor, a tool born from necessity. This invaluable addition ensures that even a shattered key will not hinder your progress. Extract and overcome, for your mission demands it.

No lock is without resistance, but the Pro-Lok 11 Piece Pick Set brings three tension wenches to the fray. These delicate yet sturdy instruments provide the necessary counterforce to unlock the secrets held within. As you apply tension with a precision only agents of your caliber possess, the tumblers surrender their secrets, and the door to triumph swings open.

To house this extraordinary ensemble, a soft luggage quality leather snap case is provided. Imbued with a timeless elegance, this case cradles your tools in safety and style, ensuring they are always within reach when the need arises.

In the world of espionage, where skill, precision, and reliability are paramount, the Pro-Lok 11 Piece Pick Set reigns supreme. Its cutting-edge technology, combined with the unparalleled craftsmanship, make it the undisputed champion of lock picking tools. When your mission demands the utmost in strength and durability, accept nothing less than the Pro-Lok 11 Piece Pick Set - the epitome of sophistication and the key to unlocking victory.

This versatile 11 Piece Pick Set includes: 3 picks with stainless steel handles, 3 standard picks, a double ended slim line pick, broken key extractor and 3 tension wenches in a soft luggage quality leather snap case.

We use the newest high technology steels and construction methods. Each of our superior quality lock picking tools are made from tempered stainless steel, deburred and burnished to a soft luster. This rust proof, smooth and rivetless construction makes them the strongest most durable picks available.

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