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Rite in the Rain 3 X 5.25 Top Field Flex

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In bad weather, the Rite in the Rain 3 X 5.25 Top Field Flex notebook proves to be a reliable companion for those venturing outdoors. This weather-resistant notepad is specifically designed to withstand harsh conditions, allowing you to take important notes, make sketches, or jot down observations without worrying about your writing getting ruined.

With a rugged construction, the Rite in the Rain notebook remains durable even in the midst of rain, snow, or extreme humidity. Its waterproof and tear-resistant pages provide a protective barrier against moisture, ensuring that your notes remain legible and intact, regardless of the weather conditions.

The 3 X 5.25 size is compact and portable, making it ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, field researchers, or anyone who needs a reliable notepad on the go. The top-bound format allows for easy access and flipping of pages, enabling you to quickly write down important information without fumbling or wasting time.

Despite the challenging weather, the paper of the Rite in the Rain notebook boasts a specialized coating that allows it to repel water, preventing smudging or bleeding of ink. This feature ensures that your writing remains crisp and clear, even in the midst of a downpour or a blustery storm.

So, whether you find yourself caught in a heavy rainstorm or battling extreme weather conditions, the Rite in the Rain 3 X 5.25 Top Field Flex notebook is designed to endure. Its ability to withstand the elements makes it a reliable tool for capturing crucial information, allowing you to focus on your tasks at hand without worrying about the weather interfering with your notes.

Originally developed for the us military, our soft cover books are made to survive. We use only the most durable glues and materials to ensure your book won’t fall apart in the field.  The heavy-duty “perfect binding” holds strong through bad weather and years of abuse.  Field-Flex covers easily conform to pockets or packs, yet spring back into shape - no worse for the wear.  Rulers, conversion charts, and map scales printed on the cover prove handy in the field.

  • 3.25" x 5"
  • 100 pages / 50 sheets
  • 20# Rite in the Rain

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