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Rothco Army Style C-Cell Flashlights

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Attention, soldier! Prepare for a comprehensive briefing on the Rothco Army Style C-Cell Flashlights. These tactical illuminators have been engineered to meet the rigorous demands of your missions. Here are the vital details you need to know:

Size: The Rothco Army Style C-Cell Flashlights are specifically designed to accommodate 2 C-Cell batteries. This ensures an extended operational lifespan, allowing you to maintain peak performance in the field.

High Density Construction: These flashlights boast a robust and rugged high-density construction. The materials utilized in their manufacturing have been carefully selected to withstand harsh conditions and provide maximum durability. No matter the terrain or environment, these flashlights are built to endure.

Lenses and Spare Bulb: To enhance versatility and adaptability, each Rothco Army Style C-Cell Flashlight comes equipped with 4 interchangeable lenses. These lenses provide various lighting options, allowing you to optimize visibility in different situations. Additionally, a spare bulb is included, ensuring that you always have a backup light source at your disposal.

CE-Approved: Rest assured, these flashlights are CE-approved, meeting the stringent safety and quality standards required for tactical equipment. This certification guarantees that the Rothco Army Style C-Cell Flashlights have undergone rigorous testing and comply with international regulations, ensuring reliability and peace of mind during your missions.

In summary, the Rothco Army Style C-Cell Flashlights possess the necessary features to serve as reliable tools in your tactical endeavors. With their 2 C-Cell size, high-density construction, included lenses, and spare bulb, as well as their CE-approval, these flashlights are prepared to illuminate your path and aid you in successfully accomplishing your objectives. Trust in their durability and versatility as you navigate through the darkness, knowing that these flashlights have been engineered with your needs in mind.

  • 2 C-Cell Size
  • High Density Construction
  • Includes 4 Lenses and  Spare Bulb
  • Ce-Approved

Customer Reviews

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Jethro kiser
Army flashlights

These are for twin five year olds to use when they come to mammaw and papaws farm.
We live up a holler in eastern ky, electric been known to go off a few times and they like to have their own flashlights, they use them early in the morning to go get eggs from the chickens

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