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Rothco Get Some Morale Patch

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The ROTHCO GET SOME morale patch is a small embroidered patch that can be attached to clothing, bags, or other items for decorative or identification purposes.

The phrase "GET SOME" is often associated with military culture, where it is used to encourage soldiers to take action and achieve their objectives. The patch is therefore popular among members of the military, veterans, and others who appreciate the sentiment of the phrase. It is also a popular accessory for airsoft and paintball enthusiasts, as well as collectors of military memorabilia and patches.

Overall, the ROTHCO GET SOME morale patch is a small but eye-catching accessory that conveys a strong message of motivation and determination.

If you have a military background you probably already know what a morale patch is. Like in the name, the morale patch was meant as a way to boost troop morale. The Rothco Get Some Morale Patch is one of many morale patches offered by Rothco. Although Rothco morale patches aren’t authorized to be worn on an official military uniform, the Rothco Get Some Morale Patch is perfect for baseball caps, jackets, bags and backpacks and more. The Rothco Get Some Morale Patch will attach to anything with a Velcro or hook and loop surface. Rothco offers their patches as a modern day tribute to what started back in World War I. The Rothco Get Some Morale Patch is not just for the military. As with all Rothco morale patches, they are now popular with anyone wanting to express a thought, message, feeling, idea or just make someone smile.

The Rothco "Get Some" Morale Patch features a hook backing and is ideal for attaching to our Operator Caps, Combat Shirts or any of our Hook & Loop gear.

  • Get Some Morale Patch Measures 2.5" X 3.5"
  • Hook Backing

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Donel Lee

I have a lot of patches and switch them out everyday and I like them all.

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