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Rothco Kids Camouflage BDU Pants

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Oh, you won't believe these pants, my friend! They're called the Rothco Kids Camouflage BDU Pants, and they are super-duper cool! They're like magic pants that make you blend into your surroundings like a sneaky ninja.

Okay, picture this: Imagine you're playing hide-and-seek with your friends, and you put on these pants. Poof! You disappear into thin air! Well, not really, but you blend in with the trees and bushes so well that your friends won't even know where you are. It's like being a super-secret spy!

These pants are made of special camo fabric that feels really soft and comfy. You can run, jump, and climb trees like a wild monkey, and the pants won't tear or rip. They're tough little warriors, just like you!

And guess what? These pants have plenty of pockets. You can store all your treasures in there, like rocks, bugs, or maybe even a secret decoder ring. It's like having your own little treasure chest attached to your legs.

But wait, there's more! These pants come in all sorts of cool colors. You can choose from army green, desert tan, or even woodland camouflage. It's like having a whole wardrobe of adventure!

So, if you want to be the ultimate hide-and-seek champion, or if you just want to look super awesome while exploring the great outdoors, the Rothco Kids Camouflage BDU Pants are the way to go. Get ready to blend in, have fun, and become the stealthiest kid on the block!

Finally you can get your children some authentic BDU pants that actually fit them!  The Rothco Kids BDU Pants are designed just like the traditional BDU pants that adults wear.  They are offered in a variety of military-inspired camo colors.  The pants are extremely comfortable and super durable.  They are produced in a 55% cotton / 45% polyester blend. The pants have several pockets including 2 bellow leg pockets an ideal place so they won't lose their belongs. They come with a zipper fly, adjustable waist tabs so they have room to grow and drawstring ankle ties to ensure the perfect fit and feel for your child.

  • 55% Cotton / 45% Polyester Blend
  • 2 Front Slash Pockets
  • 2 Button Down Bellow Leg Pockets
  • 2 Button Down Back Pockets
  • Adjustable Waist Tabs And Zipper Fly
  • Drawstring Ankle Ties

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Mavis Williams

The quality is awesome and the colors are nice with a clean crisp look. My grand sons love them. Gonna be Military Dudes at the Halloween party. they are great to wear to school for sure.

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