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Rothco RFID Blocking Credit Card and Passport Sleeve 12 Pack

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Hey there, folks! Ya heard about the Rothco RFID Blocking Credit Card and Passport Sleeve 12 Pack? Lemme tell ya, this thing's gonna be your ultimate savior against them sneaky thieves tryna steal your hard-earned cash and precious identity!

With these slick RFID blocking sleeves, you can forget about those pesky electronic skimmers tryin' to get their dirty hands on your sensitive info. Ain't nobody gonna mess with your personal deets when you got these bad boys protectin' ya.

Now, what's this fancy material they're made of? Polyethylene Terephthalate! It's like some superpower shield against electronic skimming, keepin' your stuff safe and sound from those tech-savvy crooks out there.

But wait, there's more! These sleeves are water and tear-resistant. So even if you spill your drink or accidentally sit on 'em, they ain't gonna give up that easy. They'll be guardin' your cards and passport like a loyal henchman.

You get a dozen of 'em in this pack! That's right, twelve sleeves to shield all your important stuff. It's like havin' a whole gang of protectors for your wallet! Inside, you'll find 2 slick passport sleeves and 10 credit card sleeves, so your entire gang's covered.

And guess what? These sleeves ain't picky 'bout who they protect. They'll fit any standard passport, credit card, ID, and even your trusty ol' wallet. Ain't that just perfect?

So, folks, if ya wanna be the smartest and savviest player on the block, grab yerself the Rothco RFID Blocking Passport and Credit Card Sleeves! Protect yourself from them identity stealin' baddies and sleep easy knowin' your info's safe and sound. Get 'em now before it's too late!

  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Blocking Passport And Credit Card Sleevs
  • Helps Protect Your Information Against RFID Skimming
  • Made From A Polyethylene Terephthalate Material Used To Protect Against Electronic Skimming
  • Water And Tear Resistant
  • 12 Pack Includes 2 Passport Sleeves And 10 Credit Card Sleeves
  • Fits Any Standard Passport, Credit Card, ID And Wallet

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