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Silva Ranger 2.0 Compass

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The SILVA RANGER 2.0 COMPASS is a high-quality orienteering compass designed for outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, backpackers, and navigators. It features a compact and durable design that makes it easy to carry and use in all weather conditions.

The compass is made of durable, scratch-resistant material and has a clear base plate that allows for easy reading of maps and routes. It has a liquid-filled capsule that helps dampen the needle's movement and improve accuracy.

The SILVA RANGER 2.0 COMPASS has a declination scale that enables users to adjust for the difference between magnetic north and true north, ensuring more precise navigation. It also features a clinometer that measures angles of inclination and helps users determine the slope of a hill or mountain.

The compass is equipped with luminous markings that allow for easy reading in low-light conditions. The sighting mirror and sighting hole make it easy to take accurate bearings, and the rotating bezel ring allows for easy navigation with a map.

Overall, the SILVA RANGER 2.0 COMPASS is a reliable and accurate compass that is perfect for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities and wants a high-quality tool for navigation.

  • Mirror sighting with sighting hole for determining long distances
  • Slope card for measuring slope and extra distance. With Detachable distance lanyard (1:24k, 1:25k, 1:50, 1:62.5k) is soft and bendable lanyard with scales. Easy to place directly on to your route on the map
  • Durable Materials Designed for the Rugged Outdoors
  • Built-in adjuster for magnetic declination
  • Luminous markings enable night time navigation

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