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Rothco Swiss Style Wool Blanket

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The Rothco Swiss Style Wool Blanket is a utilitarian and functional piece designed for cold and harsh environments. Crafted from a tan woven wool material, it exudes a stark and rugged appearance. Its defining characteristic is a traditional red stripe that boldly cuts across the blanket, adding a touch of visual contrast.

Primarily tailored for outdoor activities such as camping and survival situations, this blanket serves as a reliable companion. With dimensions of 60 inches by 80 inches, it offers ample coverage and can comfortably accommodate a camping cot. Its compact size also allows it to fit snugly into a rucksack, ensuring ease of transportation.

The blanket's composition of 55% wool and 45% synthetic material delivers exceptional warmth by effectively trapping heat and moisture. This insulation mechanism aids in keeping the user comfortably warm and dry, even in the harshest conditions. Moreover, the wool material itself possesses inherent fire retardant properties, adding an extra layer of safety to your outdoor experience.

Embodying the essence of functionality and durability, the Rothco Swiss Style Wool Blanket is an essential item for those who seek resilience and warmth in their outdoor pursuits.

Rothco's Swiss Style Wool Blanket features a tan woven wool material with a traditional red stripe across the blanket. The blanket is great for camping/outdoors or as a survival blanket, the 55% wool / 45% synthetic material is fire retardant and measures 60" x 80".

  • Inspired By The Swiss Army Wool Blanket The Tan Wool Blanket Features A Bold Red Stripe Across It
  • Bring Style And Comfort To The Great Outdoors The Swiss Style Blanket Is Perfect For Your Next Camping Or Outdoor Adventure
  • Super Warm And Is Made Of 55% Wool And 45% Synthetic Material Which Is Designed To Trap Heat And Moisture Keeping You Warm And Dry
  • Wool Material Is Natural Fire Retardant
  • Wool Blanket Measures 60 Inches By 80 Inches Which Is The Perfect Fit For A Camping Cot And Fits Nicely In A Rucksack

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