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Rothco Thin Blue Line & Red Line Low Profile Flag Cap

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The Rothco Thin Blue Line & Red Line Low Profile Flag Cap is a symbolically significant accessory designed for those who wish to show support for both the fire department and the police department. This cap beautifully combines two emblematic elements - the thin blue line representing law enforcement and the thin red line representing firefighters - onto a subdued version of the United States flag.

Crafted with thoughtful detail, the cap features a discrete yet powerful depiction of both the thin blue line and the thin red line, positioned seamlessly within the subdued US flag design. This subtle yet impactful representation serves as a visual testament to the wearer's respect and support for the hard work and sacrifices made by both law enforcement officers and firefighters.

The cap is designed with comfort and practicality in mind. It is constructed from 100% cotton twill, ensuring a durable and breathable material that can withstand daily wear. The low-profile design of the cap not only lends a fashionable look but also provides a snug and comfortable fit when worn.

For ease of use and adjustability, the cap is equipped with a hook and loop closure mechanism at the back. This closure system allows wearers to customize the fit according to their preferences, ensuring a secure and comfortable feel even during dynamic activities.

In summary, the Rothco Thin Blue Line & Red Line Low Profile Flag Cap serves as a powerful symbol of support for both the police and fire departments. Its design artfully combines the thin blue and thin red lines with the subdued US flag, all while maintaining the practicality and comfort of a 100% cotton twill construction and a customizable hook and loop closure. It's a stylish and meaningful accessory that allows individuals to express their appreciation for the dedication and service of those in law enforcement and firefighting roles.

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South Cops
Thin blue/red rothco hats

Very nice and well made I will definitely order again.

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