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Rothco Undercover Shoulder Holster

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The Rothco Undercover Shoulder Holster is a concealed carry option that is highly recommended for those looking to discreetly carry their firearms. It is designed to provide a secure and comfortable fit for a variety of weapons.

One of the notable features of this shoulder holster is its versatility in accommodating different firearm sizes. It comes in two sizes: the 4-inch size is suitable for most standard and compact semi-automatics, while the 5-inch size is specifically designed to fit most full-size semi-automatics. This ensures that you can find the right fit for your specific firearm.

Comfort is a key consideration in the design of this tactical holster. It features a fully adjustable, padded shoulder strap with snaps, allowing you to customize the fit to your preference. Additionally, the belt strap and 1-inch-wide sling are also fully adjustable, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit when worn.

To enhance functionality and ease of use, the holster includes several practical features. It is equipped with a protective lining that promotes smoother drawing of the firearm, reducing friction and ensuring quick access when needed. The leatherette trim adds a touch of style and impeccable detailing to the holster's appearance.

For added security, the shoulder holster features a hook and loop thumb strap. This strap allows you to secure your firearm in place, minimizing the risk of accidental displacement or loss.

The holster is constructed using strong yet lightweight polyester material. This choice of material ensures durability without compromising on weight, making it suitable for everyday carry.

In summary, the Rothco Undercover Shoulder Holster is a versatile and comfortable concealed carry option. Its adjustable design, protective features, and sturdy construction make it an excellent choice for individuals seeking a reliable and convenient way to carry their firearms discreetly.

  • Padded Shoulder Holster Fits A Variety Of Weapons, The 4 Inch Size Fits Most Standard And Compact Semi-Automatics While The 5 Inch Size Is Designed To Fit Most Full-Size Semi-Automatics
  • Tactical Holster Keeps Comfort In Mind, Featuring A Fully Adjustable, Padded Shoulder Strap With Snaps
  • Belt Strap And 1-Inch-Wide Sling On This Concealed Carry Holster Are Also Fully Adjustable For A Secure Fit
  • Holster Features A Protective Lining For Smoother Drawing, And A Leatherette Trim With Impeccable Detailing
  • Shoulder Holster Features Hook And Loop Thumb Strap For Securing Your Firearm Into Place
  • Gun Holster Constructed With Strong Yet Lightweight Polyester Material
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