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Safariland Equipment Locking System Kit

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The Safariland Equipment Locking System (ELS) Kit is a versatile accessory mounting solution designed to provide quick attachment and detachment of Safariland's tactical accessories. The kit includes two key components: the ELS 34 Locking Fork and the ELS 35 Receiver Plate.

The ELS 34 Locking Fork serves as a mechanism for securely attaching the desired accessory to the mounting system. It features a reliable locking mechanism that ensures a stable connection. The ELS 35 Receiver Plate acts as the base for the mounting system, providing a small footprint that allows for flexibility in positioning the accessories.

One of the key advantages of the ELS Kit is its ability to quickly transfer your firearm and accessories from your body to other mounting points. This allows for convenient repositioning of your equipment as needed. The ELS Kit offers a wide range of mounting possibilities, whether it's on a belt, thigh rig, within a vehicle, or even on a MOLLE vest.

Additionally, the ELS Kit provides a reliable mounting platform for any Safariland tactical or competition accessory. This means that you can attach various accessories such as holsters, magazine pouches, or other equipment to the ELS system, enhancing your operational readiness and customization options.

Overall, the Safariland ELS Kit is a robust and versatile solution for mounting Safariland's tactical accessories, providing a secure, quick, and adaptable platform for your equipment in various scenarios and locations.

  • Provides a mounting platform for any Safariland tactical or competition accessory.
  • Very small receiver footprint.
  • Quickly transfer your gun from your body to other mounting points.
  • Mount your accessories nearly anywhere: Belt, thigh rig, in the house, in a vehicle, or on a MOLLE vest.

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