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Safariland Model 6005-6 Double Strap Leg Shroud

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As a law enforcement professional, I can provide you with a description of the Safariland Model 6005-6 Double Strap Leg Shroud with Quick Release Leg Strap. This tactical gear is widely used by police officers for its reliability and functionality in the field.

The Safariland Model 6005-6 Leg Shroud is a sturdy and robust platform designed to securely carry essential equipment for officers on duty. Crafted from durable materials, it ensures long-lasting performance in demanding situations.

One of the standout features of this leg shroud is its double strap design. The double straps provide enhanced stability and prevent the gear from shifting or sliding during dynamic movements, such as running or engaging in physical confrontations. This feature ensures that the equipment remains in a secure and readily accessible position at all times.

The leg shroud also incorporates a quick-release leg strap, which allows for rapid deployment and removal. In high-pressure scenarios where immediate access to equipment is critical, this quick-release feature enables officers to swiftly disengage the leg strap, freeing up their gear without compromising their safety or efficiency.

This model is specifically designed to accommodate Safariland's wide range of holsters, magazine pouches, and other compatible accessories. Its modular nature allows officers to customize the configuration according to their specific needs and preferences, ensuring optimal functionality and convenience.

The Safariland Model 6005-6 Double Strap Leg Shroud with Quick Release Leg Strap exemplifies the commitment to quality and innovation that law enforcement professionals rely on. Its durable construction, secure fit, and quick-release mechanism make it an indispensable piece of equipment for officers who prioritize safety, accessibility, and versatility in the line of duty.

This leg shroud is an add-on part for Safariland duty holsters allowing transition from hip carry to thigh carry. It features dual 2 inch elastic leg straps and a vertical 2 inch strap with quick release buckle which attaches to the belt.

It is constructed using injection molded nylon for durability and flexibility. It has mounting holes for attachment of three Safariland® tactical accessories or one holster and two accessories.

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