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Safariland Model 6005-7 Quick Release Strap

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The Safariland Model 6005-7 Quick Release Strap is an accessory designed for use with tactical holsters and leg platforms. It provides a secure and quick-release mechanism to attach and detach the holster from the leg platform or other compatible mounting systems.

The strap is constructed using durable and high-quality materials to ensure reliability and longevity in demanding operational environments. It typically consists of a sturdy nylon or synthetic strap with reinforced stitching for added strength. The strap is adjustable to accommodate different leg sizes and can be customized for optimal comfort and fit.

The quick-release mechanism is a key feature of the Model 6005-7 strap. It allows the user to rapidly and effortlessly detach the holster from the leg platform with a simple motion. This feature is particularly useful in situations where speed and agility are crucial, such as in law enforcement or military operations.

The quick-release mechanism is typically activated by pressing a release button or lever located near the attachment point of the holster and strap. When the button or lever is pressed, it disengages the locking mechanism, allowing the holster to be easily separated from the leg platform. This enables the user to quickly transition from a secured holster position to a free-hand or alternative equipment-carrying stance.

The Safariland Model 6005-7 Quick Release Strap is compatible with various Safariland holsters and leg platforms, offering versatility and interchangeability within the Safariland product line. It is designed to provide a secure and efficient solution for professionals who require rapid access to their holstered firearms while maintaining reliable retention and stability.

The Model 6005-7 replacement part is the female portion of the 3X™ Locking Buckle that attaches the tactical holster to the belt. The buckle portion is sewn onto a 2 inch webbing that is folded to form a belt loop. The belt loop fits 2 inch (50 mm) - 2.25 inch (58 mm) belt widths. Total length is 5.5 inches.

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I needed this piece to have an additional rig to pair with my drop leg setup. Great price compared to others.

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