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Safariland Model 6360 ALS/SLS 4 VLR1

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Dispatch: All units, be advised, we have a suspect on the loose in the area. This is a Level III situation. Approach with caution. Officer Johnson, you are in the vicinity. Please describe the Safariland Model 6360 ALS/SLS Level III Duty Holster with Light for us.

Officer Johnson: Copy that, Dispatch. I am currently equipped with the Safariland Model 6360 ALS/SLS Level III Duty Holster with Light. This holster provides enhanced security for my weapon, ensuring it remains locked in all directions upon holstering. The Automatic Locking System (ALS) built into this holster goes beyond the Self Locking System (SLS) foundation, further reinforcing the weapon's retention.

The ALS feature allows me to operate the holster easily with my thumb, ensuring a smooth and efficient draw. There is no need for any twisting motions; I can draw my weapon straight out of the holster. This streamlined design allows for quick access when time is of the essence.

Additionally, this holster offers Level IV Retention™ with the optional Sentry installed, further enhancing the security of my weapon. The Hood Guard is standard, providing an additional layer of protection and preventing any unauthorized access to my firearm.

The mid-ride belt loop positions the holster close to my body, allowing for excellent weapon protection and quick, easy draw. This feature ensures that my firearm remains secure during high-intensity situations while still providing the necessary accessibility.

The durable SafariLaminate™ construction with a leather look finish gives the holster a professional appearance while maintaining its reliability in the field. The suede lining inside the holster helps protect the gun's sights and finish, preserving its functionality and appearance.

Lastly, it's worth mentioning that this particular model of holster is suitable for weapons with and without rail mounted lights. It accommodates the specific needs of officers who have equipped their firearms with rail-mounted lights for enhanced visibility in low-light environments.

Dispatch: Thank you, Officer Johnson, for the detailed description. Stay vigilant out there and stay safe. We will update you with any additional information regarding the suspect.

  • Level III Retention™ Holster
  • Level IV Retention™ with optional Sentry installed
  • ALS® (Automatic Locking System) secures weapon one holstered
  • Hood Guard is standard
  • Slim, compact design allows weapon to ride close to body
  • Simple straight up draw once all releases are deactivated
  • Mid-ride position allows for excellent weapon protection and quick, easy draw
  • Offered for weapons with and without rail mounted lights

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