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Safariland Model 6365 ALS/SLS Low-Ride Level III Duty Holster

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Introducing the Safariland Model 6365 ALS/SLS Low-Ride Level III Duty Holster - the ultimate choice for officers patrolling the streets of Stockton, California as well as your own backyard. This duty holster is engineered to meet the highest standards of security and ease of use, just like we demand in SWAT operations.

The Safariland 6365 boasts the cutting-edge Automatic Locking System (ALS), designed to secure your weapon with uncompromising Level III Retention™. When you holster your firearm, the ALS engages, locking your weapon securely in place. This level of protection is crucial when navigating the unpredictable streets of Stockton.

But that's not all - the Safariland 6365 takes it a step further with the Self Locking System (SLS) Rotating Hood. This innovative feature adds an extra layer of security to your sidearm. Your firearm is held in place, but with a simple and instinctive thumb motion, you're ready to draw your weapon when every second counts.

For those seeking Level IV Retention™, the Safariland 6365 offers an optional Sentry upgrade, providing even more peace of mind during your patrols.

The slim and compact design of this holster keeps your weapon snug against your body, minimizing any unnecessary bulk. It's like a natural extension of your gear, allowing for a swift and effortless draw when the situation calls for it. No twisting, no fuss - just a simple straight-up draw when all releases are deactivated.

And if you're using a Red Dot Sight (RDS) on your firearm, fear not! The Safariland 6365 is available in an RDS model, ensuring compatibility with your optics.

With a 1.5" (38mm) Belt Drop version, you can easily customize your holster setup to fit your preferred gear and duty belt.

When you're patrolling the streets of Stockton, California, you need gear you can trust. The Safariland Model 6365 ALS/SLS Low-Ride Level III Duty Holster is that trusty companion, ready to secure your weapon while providing quick, reliable access when you need it most. Stay safe and stay vigilant with Safariland.