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Safariland Model 6395 ALS Low-Ride Level I Retention Duty Holster

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The Safariland Model 6395 ALS Low-Ride Level I Retention Duty Holster is a top-notch piece of equipment designed specifically for law enforcement professionals. This holster offers maximum security and functionality to ensure the safety and accessibility of your weapon.

One of its standout features is the Automatic Locking System (ALS®). This internal locking device secures your weapon in all directions without the need for any straps or snaps. Once you holster your firearm, it locks into place, providing you with peace of mind that your weapon is secure.

Operating the holster is a breeze, as it is completely operable with your thumb. When the ALS® is deactivated, a simple straight up draw is all that's required to access your weapon swiftly. This streamlined process allows for quick and efficient response times when it matters most.

The Model 6395 ALS holster also boasts a low-ride belt loop that sets it 1.5" lower than standard holsters. This design ensures the holster rides close to your body, enhancing both comfort and concealment. Additionally, the holster features a suede lining that protects your gun's sights and finish, keeping your firearm in top condition.

As a Level I Retention™ Holster, the Model 6395 ALS provides reliable retention capabilities. The ALS® secures your weapon upon holstering, and with the release deactivated, you can effortlessly draw your firearm in a straight up motion. The inclusion of the Hood Guard as a standard feature adds an extra layer of protection and security.

The open-top design of this holster allows for quick retrieval of your weapon, without the need for the Self Locking System (SLS). This feature ensures that you can access your firearm rapidly, providing you with a tactical advantage in critical situations.

Constructed with SafariLaminate™ thermal-molded material, this holster offers superior durability and protection for both your handgun and its sights. It is built to withstand the rigors of duty use, ensuring that it will serve you reliably for a long time.

For enhanced security and a Level II holster upgrade, an optional ALS® Guard is available. This accessory provides an additional layer of protection, giving you even more peace of mind when carrying your firearm.

In summary, the Safariland Model 6395 ALS Low-Ride Level I Retention Duty Holster is a top-tier choice for law enforcement professionals. With its Automatic Locking System, low-ride design, and durable construction, this holster delivers the utmost in security, accessibility, and functionality, making it an excellent companion for officers on duty.

  • Level I Retention™ Holster
  • ALS® (Automatic Locking System) secures weapon once holstered; simple straight up draw once the release is deactivated
  • Hood Guard comes standard
  • Open-top design without SLS for quick retrieval of weapon
  • SafariLaminate™ thermal-molded construction protects handgun and sights
  • Belt loops offered: 2" (50 mm) or 2.25" (58 mm)
  • Available in STX Plain Black and STX Basket Black finishes
  • Optional ALS® Guard available for extra security and Level II holster upgrade

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