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Safariland Model 761 Adjustable Radio Holder - Hardshell STX

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Introducing the Safariland Model 761 Adjustable Radio Holder - Hardshell STX, the ultimate companion for law enforcement professionals seeking secure and reliable radio protection. Engineered with precision and built to last, this holder offers a seamless blend of durability and functionality, making it an indispensable addition to your gear.

Crafted from the resilient SafariLaminate material, renowned for its robustness, the Model 761 Adjustable Radio Holder is designed to withstand the demanding rigors of police work. Its specialized construction ensures it stands up to the challenges of the field, promising a dependable shield for your standard portable police radios.

Equipped with an adjustable bungee cord tie-down and a snap closure, this holder guarantees the utmost security for your radio equipment. The thoughtful design guarantees a snug fit, holding your radio securely in place even during high-intensity situations. No matter the circumstances, you can trust that your communication lifeline remains intact.

Tailored to fit 2.25-inch (58 mm) duty belts, this holder ensures compatibility with your existing gear setup. Its seamless integration into your tactical equipment provides quick and easy access to your radio, empowering you to respond promptly to critical communications.

One of the standout features of the Safariland Model 761 Adjustable Radio Holder is its versatility. Available in six distinct pouch sizes, you can select the dimensions that perfectly accommodate your specific radio model:

  1. 1.75” (45mm) Deep X 2.875” (73mm) Wide X 4.75” (121mm) High
  2. 1.75” (45mm) Deep X 2.875” (73mm) Wide X 3.75” (95mm) High
  3. 1.5” (38mm) Deep X 3.00” (76mm) Wide X 4.75” (121mm) High
  4. 2” (50mm) Deep X 2.875” (73mm) Wide X 3.75” (95mm) High
  5. 1.625” (41mm) Deep X 2.25” (60mm) Wide X 3.5” (89mm) High
  6. 1.25” (32mm) Deep X 3.00” (76mm) Wide X 4.5” (118mm) High

Whether you're patrolling the streets, responding to emergencies, or maintaining order, the Safariland Model 761 Adjustable Radio Holder ensures your communication device is secure, accessible, and protected. Elevate your professional toolkit with a holder that combines advanced design, durability, and adaptability, because in the line of duty, every detail matters. Trust in Safariland to deliver the gear that keeps you connected and in control.

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