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Safariland Tactical MOLLE Adapter

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The Safariland Tactical MOLLE Adapter is a versatile accessory designed to enhance the carrying capabilities of tactical gear and equipment. MOLLE stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment, a system widely used in military and law enforcement applications.

The Tactical MOLLE Adapter is specifically designed and manufactured by Safariland, a renowned manufacturer of law enforcement and tactical equipment. It is designed to be compatible with Safariland's holsters and accessory pouches, allowing users to securely attach these items to MOLLE-compatible platforms.

The adapter is made from durable and rugged materials, ensuring its reliability and longevity in demanding operational environments. It features a combination of nylon webbing and reinforced stitching to provide excellent strength and resistance to wear and tear.

The Safariland Tactical MOLLE Adapter offers a straightforward and efficient attachment method. It typically consists of a series of nylon straps and buckles that can be easily weaved through the MOLLE webbing found on vests, plate carriers, backpacks, or other compatible gear. Once properly attached, the adapter securely holds the holster or accessory pouch in place, preventing unwanted movement or loss during dynamic activities.

By utilizing the Tactical MOLLE Adapter, users gain the ability to customize their loadout and optimize their gear placement. This flexibility allows for quick access to essential equipment while ensuring a secure and stable attachment. It also promotes efficient weight distribution and minimizes discomfort during prolonged wear.

Overall, the Safariland Tactical MOLLE Adapter is a reliable and user-friendly solution for integrating Safariland holsters and accessory pouches into MOLLE-compatible systems. Its robust construction and ease of use make it a popular choice among military, law enforcement, and other tactical professionals who require reliable gear attachment options in the field.

The MOLLE adaptor is designed to fit many Safariland holsters and accessories. The adjustable cant allows for various orientations and angles to suit the needs and preferences of the individual user.

  • Allows many types of Safariland holsters and accessories to be mounted at various orientations and angles to suit the needs and preferences of the individual user.
  • Provides a holster or accessory with a quick, easy, and secure attachment to any MOLLE loop-equipped apparel.
  • Phillip screw-driver required
  • Threads directly through MOLLE loops to mount pouches, or into the back of the QLS 22 or ELS 35 for attachment of pouches and holsters to vests.

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    Mitchel Navarro
    Tactical mole adapter

    Great part and it fit perfectly on my vest

    Leon Hardy
    Exactly what it is

    Great product. Would of given 5 stars if Safariland supplied mounting screws.

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