Sleeping Bag Hanger Double Curved

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Our Double Curved Hanger is ideal for prolonged storage of your sleeping bag. The hanger is also perfect to hang dry your Sleeping bag after washing. It is also a great way to display Sleeping Bags in a retail environment.

When prolonged storage is required one of the best ways to store your sleeping bag is with a Sleeping Bag Hanger. We also offer a hanger to allow Liners & Bivvis to also be hung for long term storage. The hangers also make a great item to aid in the drying of your Sleeping Bag or Liner after washing. The straight design model allows the sleeping bag to folded and then woven through the hanger to minimize the hanging height when hung for storage. But also great to display Sleeping Bags in a retail environment.

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Dont' smash your down...

I've accumulated a small fortune in down sleeping bags for me and my family. To make sure they dry out properly and are not compressed in any way during storage, I opted to mount a bar near the ceiling of our gear room and our bags are on these snugpak hangers. The deep wire 'shoulder' of the hanger ensures the bag stays un-compacted and I get a good visual of whatever bag I'm grabbing for a trip so I know I don't snag a 15 degree bag when I want the 45 degree summer bag or vice versa. When they were in their large storage sacks on a shelf, too often they got smashed together or a backpack was stored on top. These hangers prevent those issues. Under $20 each if you can catch them on sale...Fraction of the cost of a $400+ bag to promote great performance when put into duty.



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