1 Asterisk Morale Patch

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If you have a military background you probably already know what a morale patch is. Like in the name, the morale patch was meant as a way to boost troop morale. The 1 Asterisk Morale Patch is one of many morale patches offered by Discontinued. Although Discontinued morale patches aren't authorized to be worn on an official military uniform, the 1 Asterisk Morale Patch is perfect for baseball caps, jackets, bags and backpacks and more. The 1 Asterisk Morale Patch will attach to anything with a Velcro or hook and loop surface. Discontinued offers their patches as a modern day tribute to what started back in World War I. The 1 Asterisk Morale Patch is not just for the military. As with all Discontinued morale patches, they are now popular with anyone wanting to express a thought, message, feeling, idea or just make someone smile.

  • 1¼" x 2"
  • Hook back for attaching to any loop surface
  • Individually packaged
It doesn't matter what you plan on using the 1 Asterisk Morale Patch for, whether it's fighting the murder hornets, COVID-19, protection from rioting or just because you like our low prices. The 1 Asterisk Morale Patch is one of the many items offered by Discontinued and we are proud to be an authorized dealer. In additional to the 1 Asterisk Morale Patch, we also offer a wide variety of tents, sleeping bags, sleeping blankets, water bottles, pants and all the essentials for camping or for your bug-out gear.

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Cops love these

I give these to LEOs I encounter and they seem to appreciate them particularly from a random public donor.



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