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Tru-Spec 21" Expandable Baton Holder

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The Tru-Spec 21" Expandable Baton Holder is a versatile accessory designed to securely hold and protect an expandable baton. It is constructed using molded 1680-denier ballistic pack cloth, which is a durable and rugged material known for its strength and resistance to tearing. This ensures that the holder can withstand rigorous use and provide long-lasting performance.

The holder features a high-quality, high-density foam center, which serves as a cushioning layer. This foam center helps absorb impacts and provides additional protection for the baton, preventing it from getting damaged during transport or storage.

To safeguard the baton and prevent scratches or dings, the holder has a soft lining on the inside. This lining creates a gentle and protective barrier, keeping the baton in excellent condition and minimizing any potential wear and tear.

One of the notable features of this baton holder is its molded duty gear design. This design allows the holder to stay open, providing easy access and enabling convenient one-hand use. Whether you need to quickly deploy or stow away the baton, the holder's design ensures smooth and efficient handling.

The Tru-Spec Expandable Baton Holder is built to withstand various environmental conditions. It is fade and scratch-resistant, maintaining its appearance over time. Additionally, it is weatherproof, ensuring that it can withstand exposure to rain, moisture, and other elements without compromising its performance.

Cleaning the holder is a hassle-free process, as it is hand washable. You can easily remove any dirt or stains by gently washing the holder with mild soap and water. This feature contributes to the overall maintenance and longevity of the baton holder.

In terms of dimensions, the Tru-Spec 21" Expandable Baton Holder measures approximately 61/3" x 21/3", providing a compact and streamlined profile. This size ensures a snug fit for a 21-inch expandable baton, keeping it secure and preventing any unnecessary movement or shifting while in use or storage.

Overall, the Tru-Spec 21" Expandable Baton Holder offers durability, protection, and convenience. With its robust construction, padded interior, easy access design, and resistance to fading and weather, it is a reliable accessory for law enforcement professionals and individuals who require a dependable means of carrying and storing an expandable baton.

  • Molded 1680-denier ballistic pack cloth construction
  • High quality, high density foam center
  • Soft lining to protect gear
  • Molded duty gear stays open for easy one-hand use
  • Fade & scratch resistant
  • Weatherproof & hand washable
  • 61/3" x 21/3"

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