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Tru-Spec Army Type Insect Repellent

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The Army Type Insect Repellent, commonly referred to as "Army repellent," is a specific type of insect repellent used by military personnel in various field operations and outdoor activities. While the exact specifications and formulations may vary, I can provide you with a general description of the features commonly associated with this type of repellent.

  1. Active Ingredients: Army repellents typically contain active ingredients that effectively repel insects. The most common active ingredients include DEET (N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide), picaridin, or permethrin. These ingredients are known to be highly effective in repelling a wide range of insects, including mosquitoes, ticks, flies, and chiggers.

  2. Repellent Forms: Army repellents are available in different forms to suit various applications. The most common forms include lotions, sprays, wipes, or impregnated clothing. Lotions and sprays are designed for direct application to exposed skin, while wipes offer a convenient and portable option. Impregnated clothing, typically treated with permethrin, provides extended protection by repelling insects from the fabric.

  3. Long-Lasting Protection: Army repellents are formulated to provide long-lasting protection against insect bites. The duration of protection may vary based on the specific product and concentration of active ingredients. Some repellents offer protection for several hours, while others may provide extended protection for up to 12 hours or more, depending on environmental conditions and the concentration of the active ingredient.

  4. Water and Sweat Resistance: Army repellents are often designed to withstand exposure to water and sweat, as military personnel are frequently engaged in physically demanding activities. This resistance helps to maintain the repellent's effectiveness even during intense physical exertion or in humid environments.

  5. Minimal Odor: To minimize detection by insects and maintain a low profile during operations, Army repellents are generally formulated to have minimal odor. This feature helps to prevent attracting insects while ensuring the comfort of the user.

  6. Portability and Packaging: Army repellents are packaged in compact, lightweight containers suitable for military personnel to carry easily during field operations. The packaging may include options such as small bottles, tubes, or individually wrapped wipes for convenience and ease of use.

It's important to note that while Army repellents are designed to provide effective protection against insects, it's essential to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and take necessary precautions to ensure safe and proper usage. Additionally, specific brands or variations of Army repellents may have additional features or specifications, so it's advisable to consult product labels or seek information from military sources for detailed guidance.

  • Water Based Formula
  • Active Ingredient: 30% Deet
  • Effectively Repels: Ticks, Mosquitoes, Black Flies, No See Ums, Deer Flies, Stable Flies, Chiggers & Fleas
  • Made in USA

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