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Tru-Spec Cat Eye Bands

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Tru-Spec Cat Eye Bands are a type of identification accessory commonly used by military personnel, law enforcement officers, and other professionals in tactical or high-visibility situations. These bands are designed to be attached to helmets or other headgear, providing a quick and easily identifiable marking.

The Tru-Spec Cat Eye Bands are typically made of durable materials such as nylon or polyester, which are resistant to wear and tear. They feature a hook-and-loop fastener system that allows for easy attachment and adjustment, ensuring a secure fit on various types of headgear.

The distinguishing feature of Tru-Spec Cat Eye Bands is the reflective "cat eye" design. This design consists of a series of reflective squares or rectangles arranged in a vertical or horizontal configuration. The reflective material used in these bands enhances visibility in low-light conditions, making it easier to identify individuals wearing them.

The primary purpose of Cat Eye Bands is to provide clear identification and improve safety during operations or emergency situations. They are often used to differentiate between different teams or units, making it easier to identify and coordinate with team members in the field. The reflective nature of the bands also aids in nighttime visibility, allowing for easy recognition even in the dark.

Tru-Spec Cat Eye Bands are available in various colors, including standard military colors like OD green, tan, or black. Some versions may also feature additional markings or patches for further customization or identification purposes.

Overall, Tru-Spec Cat Eye Bands are a practical and effective accessory for professionals who require clear identification and enhanced visibility in tactical environments.

  • 100% nylon construction
  • Made in USA

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Ronald Robertson
Looks right!

The helmet band looks good on my helmet. The cats eye reflectors work just like they should. Thank you for helping me out.

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