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Tru-Spec H2O Proof All-Season Rain Parka

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In the heart of a tempest, where raindrops pound relentlessly upon the Earth, emerges the Tru-Spec H2O Proof All-Season Rain Parka, a formidable garment built to defy the wrath of the storm.

Its rugged exterior, coated with an impermeable layer, acts as a fortress against the onslaught of water, denying entry to each raindrop seeking passage. The wind, though fierce, is rendered impotent against the parka's resilient fabric, unable to penetrate its stalwart defenses.

With every seam expertly sealed, this parka stands resolute, warding off the elements with unwavering resolve. Rain cascades over its surface like a symphony of nature's fury, yet the wearer remains dry and undaunted, sheltered by the parka's unwavering protection.

The hood, like a loyal guardian, shields the head from the torrents, molding snugly around the contours of the face, preserving visibility amidst the chaos. The adjustable drawstrings pull taut, anchoring the hood securely, allowing no room for compromise.

Even the harshest storm cannot undermine the parka's functionality. Its spacious pockets, designed to defy the drenching deluge, safeguard precious belongings and equipment, preserving their integrity amidst the chaos.

As thunder rolls and lightning illuminates the darkened sky, the Tru-Spec H2O Proof All-Season Rain Parka stands steadfast, a beacon of resilience in the storm's tempestuous embrace. It is the ultimate companion, allowing the wearer to navigate the most treacherous of downpours with unwavering confidence.

In inclement weather the number one priority is staying warm and dry. These two layer waterproof, windproof, breathable parkas are better than ever. The secret to our new jackets are the high quality, environmentally safe Bemis seam tapes. Seam tape is the critical link in the chain of waterproof protection and Bemis is the recognized worldwide technology leader in providing thermoplastic films for a myriad of industrial applications.

  • Made from durable and lightweight 2.5 oz. 100% tactical nylon
  • 3-layer windproof, waterproof, breathable material
  • Taped seam construction
  • Brimmed, rollable, stowable hood with drawstring to keep rain off face and neck
  • Gusseted underarms
  • Sleeve pockets on both arms with bonded pocket bag
  • Adjustable hook & loop cuff
  • Pull-out panels under chest pocket flaps
  • Waist adjustment with access in front hand pocket
  • Side tab covered zipper to access under the jacket
  • Back yoke with cape opening and removable ID panel

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