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Tru-Spec PVC Morale Patch - Be Decisive

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The Tru-Spec PVC Morale Patch - Be Decisive is a unique and eye-catching accessory designed to be attached to tactical gear, uniforms, bags, or any hook-and-loop compatible surface. It is a morale patch, a popular item among military personnel, law enforcement officers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

The patch features the words "Be Decisive" prominently displayed on a durable PVC (polyvinyl chloride) material. PVC patches are known for their toughness and ability to withstand harsh conditions, making them ideal for outdoor use.

The patch is designed in a rectangular shape with rounded corners and features a contrasting color scheme to enhance visibility. The text "Be Decisive" is bold and clear, allowing the message to be easily read from a distance.

The phrase "Be Decisive" carries a motivational and inspirational message. It encourages individuals to make quick, confident decisions, emphasizing the importance of assertiveness and the ability to take action when necessary. This morale patch serves as a reminder to stay focused, trust one's instincts, and make choices with conviction.

The hook-and-loop backing on the back of the patch ensures easy and secure attachment to compatible surfaces. This allows users to personalize their gear, express their identity or beliefs, and add a touch of individuality.

Whether used for personal expression, team identification, or as a source of inspiration, the Tru-Spec PVC Morale Patch - Be Decisive serves as a visual statement that embodies the values of decisiveness, determination, and self-assuredness.

If you have a military background you probably already know what a morale patch is. Like in the name, the morale patch was meant as a way to boost troop morale. The Tru-Spec PVC Morale Patch - Be Decisive is one of many morale patches offered by Tru-Spec. Although Tru-Spec morale patches aren't authorized to be worn on an official military uniform, the Tru-Spec PVC Morale Patch - Be Decisive is perfect for baseball caps, jackets, bags and backpacks and more. The Tru-Spec PVC Morale Patch - Be Decisive will attach to anything with a Velcro or hook and loop surface. Tru-Spec offers their patches as a modern day tribute to what started back in World War I. The Tru-Spec PVC Morale Patch - Be Decisive is not just for the military. As with all Tru-Spec morale patches, they are now popular with anyone wanting to express a thought, message, feeling, idea or just make someone smile.

  • Durable PVC plastic construction
  • Easy to remove and reattach to any loop surface with hook material sewn directly to the patch
  • Stain resistant and wash clean with soap and water
  • 2.5" x 2"

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