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Tru-Spec Security 6" X 3" Black & White Patch

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The Tru-Spec Security 6" X 3" Black & White Patch is an essential emblem that represents the professional and dedicated personnel in the field of security. Crafted with precision, this patch boasts a prominent black background, symbolizing the unwavering strength and vigilance we bring to our duties.

Measuring 6 inches in width and 3 inches in height, this patch commands attention and respect, clearly identifying the wearer as a trusted security officer. The contrasting white lettering emblazoned upon the patch spells out the word 'Security' in bold, capital letters, leaving no doubt as to the purpose and authority we possess.

This patch serves as a visual reminder to both those under our protection and potential threats that security is of paramount importance. It is a symbol of our commitment to maintain order, protect lives, and safeguard property with unwavering integrity.

When attached to our uniforms, the Tru-Spec Security 6" X 3" Black & White Patch instills a sense of confidence and assurance in those we serve. It serves as a beacon of professionalism, reminding all that security officers are trained and prepared to handle any situation with the utmost competence and determination.

So, let this patch be a visible reminder of the watchful eyes, unwavering resolve, and steadfast dedication of security officers who stand ready to safeguard and protect. Together, we ensure the safety and peace of mind of those who rely on our presence.

  • 6" x 3"
  • Hook back for attaching to any loop surface
  • Individually packaged

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Customer Reviews

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Michael B.
Great Patch!

I ordered 2 of these. Took a few extra days than I expected for Mad City to send them, but once they did the package arrived quickly. The quality of the patch is perfect - sharp, symmetrical, straight stitching - and it fits perfectly on the front and back Velcro panels of my plate carrier. Both price and quality beat anything else I've bought in the way of patches. I will shop with Mad City again!

Vicky Hubbs
Not worth the money!

The patch is either too small or too big for front or back. The Velcro back does not allow to iron the patch on as well. This was a terrible purchase!

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