Load image into Gallery viewer, Tru-Spec UDT Shorts (Underwater Demolition Teams)
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Tru-Spec UDT Shorts (Underwater Demolition Teams)
Load image into Gallery viewer, Tru-Spec UDT Shorts (Underwater Demolition Teams)

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Tru-Spec UDT Shorts (Underwater Demolition Teams)

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TRU-SPEC UDT shorts are a type of tactical shorts designed for use by Underwater Demolition Teams (UDT) and Special Operations Forces (SOF) during amphibious and waterborne operations. These shorts are made from high-quality materials that are both durable and lightweight, ensuring that they can withstand the rigors of UDT training and operations.

TRU-SPEC UDT shorts are designed to be quick-drying and moisture-wicking, allowing them to keep the wearer comfortable and dry even during prolonged periods of physical activity in wet environments. The shorts are also designed to be highly breathable, which helps to regulate body temperature and prevent overheating.

One of the key features of TRU-SPEC UDT shorts is their high mobility and flexibility. They are designed with a gusseted crotch and stretch panels that allow for a full range of motion, making them ideal for dynamic movements and high-intensity activities. The shorts also feature multiple pockets for storing essential gear, such as knives, flashlights, and communication devices.

Overall, TRU-SPEC UDT shorts are a highly specialized piece of tactical gear that are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of UDT and SOF operators during waterborne operations.

The Underwater Demolition Teams (UDT) were an elite special-purpose force established by the United States Navy during World War II. Their primary function was to reconnoiter and destroy enemy defensive obstacles on beaches prior to amphibious landings and were also the frogmen who retrieved astronauts after splashdown in the Mercury through Apollo manned space flight programs. The UDTs pioneered combat swimming, closed-circuit diving, underwater demolitions, and midget submarine (dry and wet submersible) operations. They were the precursor to the present-day United States Navy SEALs. This tradition lives on in the shorts they made famous.

  • 60/40 cotton polyester twill construction
  • Original WWII GI pattern
  • Adjustable front pull strap with anodized brass O-ring
  • Single back patch pocket
  • Button fly

How will you look in these shorts?

Check out this review of the UDT shorts.

Nothing Says Frogman Like a Pair of UDT Shorts

The distinctive, all-cotton, almost-too-short-for-comfort shorts have been the iconic symbol of Naval Special Warfare since World War II. And despite six decades of advancements in garment technology, present-day SEAL candidates are issued exactly the same shorts as those issued to the Navy's original Frogmen who manned the first Underwater Demolition Teams.

Curious as to why the phenomenon of UDT shorts persists, I called the Navy UDT-SEAL Museum in Fort Pierce, Florida for insights. The authority on all things Frogman, who better to explain the staying power of this military relic?

I will have to research this, answered the Museum's curator when asked why the UDT short endures. Traditions in uniforms is not something we normally focus on.

In fairness, she had never likely been posed this question. But, like me, she was curious. My call prompted the curator to phone a World War II-era Frogman for an explanation.

From him, she learned the shorts were issued by the Navy to all UDT members, varying slightly in fabric texture and color according to the unique manufacturer. More interesting was the fact that UDT shorts were issued only to Frogmen. Servicemen from no other warfare community received the garment in their sea bags.

The spirit of this tradition lives to the present day. I thought about trying on a pair of UDT shorts for a run down the beach and quick swim in the surf, but my own Naval heritage prevented me. I was an Aviator, not a SEAL. Just as I would resent a Frogman's wearing a leather flight jacket, so, too, would I expect a SEAL not to appreciate my running around in the exclusive threads of his community.

Of course, this can all be taken too far. For those turning laps in the pool at their local YMCA, oblivious to the Navy's inter-community norms, UDT shorts are a source of motivation, because they represent they idea of the Frogman. Nothing more. And, strangely, some people just think they're cool.

Whatever the case, UDT shorts endure as the tangible legacy and symbol of our nation's most elite fighting force. If you rank among the thousands who find inspiration in the spirit of Naval Special Warfare, pick up a pair today.

Customer Reviews

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Dave C
Solid service and product

Great service and product as advertised

A human man.

Yes shorts.

Very good.

Very shorts.

Steven Richards

Good fit.
Good quality.

Glenn Smith

very nice shorts

Richard Grim

Military issue for decades. The original, still proudly used. Awesome, original UDT frogman shorts. Many Thanks

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