U.S. Survival: The Card Set

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Bringing survival into your life is simpler and more convenient than ever, with this deck of cards that takes readers through the basic skills and techniques specific to survival. U.S. Army Survival: The Card Set offers an informative and helpful approach to outdoor survival, whether for pleasure or in the case of an emergency. Each card features a full-color photograph illustrating the different lessons to prepare you for whatever nature has to throw at you, along with clear and simple instructions. This conveniently-sized guide emphasizes the importance of being prepared for anything and everything from learning how to identify a poisonous reptile or plant, to making a safe shelter to spend the night. You will not only be prepared for what may happen, but you'll have the information to handle any situation that can ultimately save your life. The U.S. Army is known word wide for its survival tactics, and with this handy card deck, you will be able to carry around all the information that trained soldiers live their lives by. You'll always be prepared, and ready, willing, and able to handle any survival situation.

100 Pages
4" x 5"
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Just like old times. Only they need to be updated and expanded....

Awesome cards. Only they need to be updated and expanded a bit for both desert and jungle survival. For example. In the jungles of S. E. Asia, food sources like durian and dubai (an Asian olive) grow wild in the jungle and are not cultivated in any farming. The Fox bat, a vegetarian species of bat which are large in size are also edible and free of rabies. Not the other bats which are carnivore in nature. Only the Fox bat is edible and safe to eat. It tastes like beef with a calamari texture. Sago worms are also a great source of protein and can be eaten alive or fried. Tastes like pork. They are grub found in Sago trees which turn into Dragon flies. Another thing to eat is in Malay called meeding. This is a wild grass that grows like a curly pig tail. Dark green. Smells bad when cooked, but tastes great actually, especially fried with garlic and soy sauce. River crabs are also found on land. Unlike the salt water crabs, this crab grows in fresh water and can be found around ponds, lakes and rivers. Same with fresh water clams. I lived in Malaysia on the Island of Borneo in Sarawak for 6 years and learned a lot of survival tricks not found in those cards.



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