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Voodoo Tactical Deluxe Scope Guard with Pockets

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The Voodoo Tactical Deluxe Scope Guard with Pockets will protect your valuable scope.  The deluxe scope guard comes with a padded scope guard with carry handle, inside data windows and four outside zipper pockets for all your scope gear.

  • Measures 24"L x 11"W, opened
The Voodoo Tactical Deluxe Scope Guard with Pockets is one of the many Voodoo Tactical items we offer here in Raleigh, North Carolina. Are you ready for the summer heat? We've got you covered with a full selection of shorts, camping gear, camping blankets, bags and backpacks

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Customer Reviews

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James Jay Jr.
Great scope cover

I first found out about this cover a few years ago after I went into my safe and found a mark on one of my very expensive scopes. I was so upset that I wrapped all my scopes in towels (upsetting my wife in that her expensive hand towels were being used to cover scopes......yea women sometimes just don’t get it). I started looking all over the internet for something that would work and I came across the VooDoo Tactical scope cover, I ordered it And after it arrived and I thought it was an interesting solution that also looked pretty good. Well it does work and it is GREAT, now all my scoped firearm have one. The only thing I will tell you is that VooDoo says that once clipped around the rifle, that you can use the handle on the firearm to carry it.....well I have some very expensive rifles and glass and I wouldn’t do it. Overall It probably is the cheapest insurance you can get for that expensive piece of glass sitting on your rifle. They can be difficult to find at times but well worth the effort, you will never regret protecting your optic but will always regret NOT doing it when it gets damaged. But this is coming from a guy that has a camera inside the safe, outside the safe looking at it, a temperature and humidity gauge that alerts me on my phone if anybody gets near it or opens it, or the environmental conditions inside the safe falls out of the parameters I have set. I am such a gun super freak that my wife would rather me go to a strip club than a gun store, she says I would spend less money at a strip club...lol



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