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Zak Tool Shove Tool

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Perfect for emergency providers needing fast entry into a building.

The Zak Tool Shove Tool is one of the many Zak Tools items we offer here in Raleigh, North Carolina. Are you ready for the summer heat? We've got you covered with a full selection of shorts, camping gear, camping blankets, tactical t-shirts and backpacks

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Customer Reviews

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Kevin F
Does the job

I became aware of the usefulness of the "shove knife" during my years as a firefighter. My daughter began college this year; each bathroom in her dorm is shared by a pair of dorm rooms in a "Jack and Jill" configuration. Unfortunately, after using the bathroom the suite mates across from her couldn't ever remember to unlock the door to my daughter's side. Consequently, my daughter and her roommate were locked out of their own bathroom almost every morning when they needed to get ready for class. This tool solved the problem. I showed my daughter how to use it to defeat the locking mechanism on the bathroom door. She was able to learn the skill quickly, and can now easily unlock the bathroom door when she gets locked out. It is well built, works great and is well worth the money!

Justin Schroeder
Great Tool

I buy these Zak Shive knifes on a regular basis. I try to put one in every one of my new fire fighters hand. Great price too!!

Edward Frost
Zak shove it tool

I. Love this tool i had one i la that got lost this too work well i f you be it here you won't be sorry

Nifty tool

Well made, well designed tool. Product does exactly what is it designed to do.

It works.

It's a solid little piece of metal and it opens doors faster than most picks. Picks=$15+shipping and takes longer to learn
This=about $10 total and learned in seconds. Father is former leo and is getting one soon because he couldn't believe how convenient they are.



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