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Zak Tool Tactical Gate Pass

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The Zak Tool Tactical Gate Pass is an essential tool designed specifically for first responders like ourselves. It is a compact and durable device that plays a vital role in our line of duty when it comes to gaining access through gates and fences quickly and efficiently.

Crafted from high-quality materials, the Zak Tool Tactical Gate Pass is built to withstand the demands of our challenging environments. Its robust construction ensures durability during intense operations, providing us with a reliable and dependable tool.

The gate pass features a unique design that incorporates a heavy-duty steel alloy punch at one end. This punch enables us to create a small hole in various gate and fence materials, such as chain link or metal, facilitating our access without causing significant damage.

The opposite end of the tool offers a built-in carbide tip window breaker, which serves a dual purpose. Not only does it allow us to shatter glass windows or windshields when necessary, but it also provides a solid grip for controlled strikes during emergency situations.

One of the notable features of the Zak Tool Tactical Gate Pass is its compact size, making it easy to carry and access whenever the need arises. It fits comfortably in our utility belts or pockets, ensuring quick deployment without hindering our mobility.

As first responders, time is of the essence, and the gate pass enables us to swiftly breach barriers, allowing us to reach those in need or respond to critical situations promptly. Its efficiency in overcoming obstacles helps us maintain the safety and security of the community we serve.

Remember, the Zak Tool Tactical Gate Pass is a specialized tool designed for professional use only, and it is crucial to receive proper training and authorization before incorporating it into our tactical gear.

This item works with small handle residential gates and for commercial gates. 

Customer Reviews

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Great but its missing the other tool

I found this listing by googling zak gate pass tool and in the description from the google said that this is the 2 piece set .however there us not much of a description once you are at this site but from google the description states that its a 2 piece set so i was dissapointed to find that this IS NOT the 2 piece gate pass set

<p>As with everything in life it is best to rely on information directly from the source rather than other people or websites. It would appear that the description you saw on another website is extremely outdated. Zak Tool stopped offering this item in a 2-peice set a very long time ago (approaching a year now). The reason being is they found a small and large tool made no difference--they both worked the same to open the same type of gates. So it's now only offered as a one piece item--everywhere. Our description, title, part # and picture all showed this was a 1 piece item when you ordered.</p>

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