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An officer’s duty belt is an essential item for anyone beginning a career in law enforcement or security. Early law enforcement officers carried their gear in jackets or specially adapted pant pockets. Over the years, the duty belt concept has remained relatively unchanged however there have been minor improvements such as different finishes (nylon, basketweave, high gloss, plain leather), hook and loop closure (velcro) and improvements in buckles. In the 1950 - 1960s duty belts were known as Sam Browne belts and some veteran officers may still refer to their duty belt as Sam Brownes.  Another common term for a duty...

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In most cities the traditional Army Surplus store is a thing of the past.  You remember those places, a location you could find cheap surplus military gear such as camouflage pants, boots and your favorite military gear.  Well Mad City Outdoor is your Madison, Wisconsin store to fill your tactical and military needs.  Although we aren't a surplus store, our gear is new and fresh from the factory.  We offer the newest and latest innovative items at surplus low prices.  Come visit us in Madison and you'll be surprised by our huge selection.  

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Whether you’re traveling to the Syrian desert or patrolling along the Amu Darya in Afghanistan we’ve got the gear you need.  It doesn’t matter if you are hiking to Taft Point in Yosemite or walking the streets of the South Side of Chicago we have everything you need to stay protected and comfortable. We carry a large inventory of the most popular items and best of all, we are an authorized dealer for the products we advertise.  In other words, this isn’t a hobby business.  We are professionals with a solid background in your law enforcement, military, tactical and outdoor...

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